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Your ideas.  Our capabilities.  Your product.

Product Distribution

Marble Medical Product Distribution Services

In addition to helping you develop and manufacture your product, Marble Medical can assist you with your product distribution needs.

Supply Chain Management

We offer supply chain management services as follows:

  • Raw Material Feedstock
    We manage the raw material needs of our customers for similarly used items upon which we can leverage our combined usages to obtain more efficient order quantities, shorter delivery timetables and lower pricing.
  • Raw Material Storage
    We assist our customers with the storage and inventory management of their raw material inventories which facilitates lower inventory levels, efficient order quantities, and lower overall material costs.
  • Finished Product Distribution
    We assist our customers with the storage, warehousing and order fulfillment of their products within their supply chain.
  • Point-of-Sale
    We assist our customers with order fulfillment through their B2B platforms.

3M Product Distribution

We are a distributor for the entire line of 3M branded healthcare products. Access our 3M product catalog.

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